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Get submitted to radio stations and blogs looking for the best U.S and international artists. Receive reporting on which sites want to air or review your songs.


Radio airplay and reviews for your music

Get exposed to thousands of new fans through airplay and reviews for your music.


Create your music press kit (MPK)

Signup and create your Artist MPK. We submit your press kit to radio stations, blogs, podcasts, webzines, social media and other industry outlets.


Get On College Radio and Music Blogs

Get submitted to hundreds of stations and blogs in your genre.

Get your band more publicity, promotion and fans

How it Works

How it Works

Create your Music Press Kit (MPK). It’s free to start.

Your MPK includes all the basics of your Artist profile: a brief description, streaming music, a download option, bio, press release, video, and links to your other band sites.

Your Promotion Begins with MPK

Choose your promotion package.

We'll submit your MPK to hundreds of radio stations, webzines, blogs, podcasts and communities that fit your Genre.

Get your songs on the radio

Your music promotion begins in 48 hours.

You’ll get emails notifying you when promo begins and when your music is approved by radio stations and blogs. Check your “campaign reports” for new results!


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