Artist: House Party
Album: House Party
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Artist Name House Party
Album House Party
Style of Music Americana, Rhythm & Blues Rock
Hometown Salem, Ohio, USA
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House Party's raw blues rock groove has a retro style that has gained an enthusiastic fan base and inspired the original material for their self titled four song EP featuring Christina Langen's strong, soulful vocals.
Influences Rhythm & Blues Rock, Americana Country Rock
Sounds Like Meghan Trainor, Fleetwood Mac, Shania Twain

House Party Ohio Band

House Party is proud to announce the independent release of their self titled debut album. Their all original 5-song EP features Christina Langen's strong, soulful vocals and House Party's own eclectic blend of Retro styled Rhythm and Blues Rock.

House Party's story began in Salem, Ohio in late 2010, when area producer / performer Candi Langen (drums/guitar/vocals) invited her then 13 year old daughter Christina (vocals/keys/sax) onstage to sing. For the next several year they sang and traveled together on a series of road trips and on one trip to Nashville, they met the band Earth, Wind and Fire, who pointed them to a recording studio where Christina recorded her first cover of Patsy Cline's "Walking After Midnight".

In 2013 they met another area producer / performer, Johnny Lewis (guitar/keys/vocals). Johnny and Candi formed an immediate friendship that quickly blossomed into a destined romance. Soon this new family alliance began their musical journey by writing, recording and producing a series of broadcast radio and television commercial jingles for Casual Carpets, a local business in the Northeast Ohio market.

They started working on Motown, Country and Classic Rock cover songs and performed as a three piece group at various clubs and private parties. By 2015, House Party was booking larger venues, such as Clay’s Park Resort and recruited local veteran musicians to complete the line up. House Party's retro styled R&B Rock groove had gained an enthusiastic fan base and inspired the original songs for their debut album.

House Party has a distribution / publishing deal with CD Baby and is very excited to bring their own brand of retro groove rock to an expanding legion of fans. The album and singles are available for digital download on, iTunes and other major online retailers as well as most major streaming services including Spotify, Google Play and Apple Music. They are currently receiving airplay in various markets worldwide and are looking forward to meeting new fans along the way.


For Booking or Media Inquiries, Please Contact:

Lou Man Entertainment




For more information, please contact:
J.P. Lewis
Lou Man Entertainment
cell:  330-844-0625


August 30, 2017 (Salem, Ohio) – The Northeast Ohio band, House Party is thrilled to announce the official release party for their self-titled debut album will be held at Clay’s Park Resort in North Lawrence, Ohio on Friday, September 8, 2017 from 8-11 PM.  
The 5-song EP features all original retro styled, rhythm & blues rock songs that are currently receiving airplay on various broadcast and Internet radio stations across the US and overseas. The album and singles are currently available for download on Amazon and iTunes, as well as Internet streaming services including Apple Music, Google Play and Spotify.
House Party features the mother-daughter team of 18-year old Christina Langen (lead vocals, percussion) and Candi Langen (drums, vocals), who co-wrote and produced the album with band mate, Johnny Lewis (keys, vocals). Filling out the rest of the line up is Billy King (tenor saxophone) from Canton, Ohio, as well as Mike Rebold (guitar) and Nate Barnes (bass, vocals) both from the Youngstown area.
The songs on this album offer a personal look into the lives of the core songwriting team, as Candi Langen stated, “It’s all about heart and soul.  The songs are our stories and experiences both together and individually”.
Though working together for four years, the first musical collaborations between this songwriting trio began in a completely different format.  Lewis explained, “We actually started out together writing and producing radio jingles and broadcast television commercials for a Youngstown area business.  The concept of recording an original album didn’t really come along until much later”.
House Party’s album release will be held at John O’s Restaurant & Bar in Clay’s Park’s campground and will feature live performances of the original material from the album, as well as some R&B, rock and country cover songs and perhaps a few surprises.  CDs and download cards of the album will be available for sale at the show.
Lou Man Entertainment handles the band’s booking and promotions, while CDBaby provides publishing administration and distribution for the album and singles. For more information, please contact us or visit




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