Artist: Steven Jennings
Album: Broken Blue
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Artist Name Steven Jennings
Album Broken Blue
Style of Music R&B, Jazz, World, AC, Urban,Neo-Soul
Hometown Columbia/Washington, SC/DC, USA
His new recordings will take you on a social journey thru the news topics and rhythms of the World and his homeland of USA inner America. The songs are written to express that regardless of race; social status and beliefs that we all should strive.
Influences Gil Scott-Heron, Marvin Gay
Sounds Like Classic Soul, Funk, Jazz, Marvin Gay, Own Unique Sound

Artist Name: Steven Jennings

Member: ASCAP                                       Publisher: 8th Day| ASCAP Management

Genre: World, Art fusion of jazz, blues, hip hop, neo-soul, r&b and all music expression

Active: ASCAP

Talent:  Songwriter, Executive Producer, Guitar, Keyboard, Bass and Vocals

Hometowns:  Washington, DC  (DMV) metro area USA,  New York USA, South Carolina, USA.


Steven Jennings new single entitled "Broken Blue" from his upcoming debut album “ The 8th Day “ his music is a New Generation of Spoken Word, Art fusion of Jazz, HIP HOP, R&B, Blues, Gospel, World and Soul, as well as lyrical content concerning social and political issues of our times.  His music arrangements and lyrical content is being reviewed as bold, unique and mind stimulating.


"Broken Blue" is an anthem "against corruption and social injustices" World Wide we are all part of this global family. Everyone needs to think about our actions during this 21st century. Ask all world citizens and the powers in control "Is It You or Is It You" ! Why we have a "Broken Blue"!
LOS ANGELES, CA, June 20, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Singer and songwriter Steven Jennings is gearing up for the release of his new single "Broken Blue." The latest release from his upcoming debut album "The 8th Day" - which is slated to be released this fall - Steven's music is a New Generation of Spoken Word Music Art fusion of Jazz, Hip hop, R&B and World music expressing the lyrical content concerning social, humanity and political issues of our times.
His music arrangements and lyrical content has been described as bold, unique and mind stimulating. Written by Jennings, "Broken Blue" was produced by Jelani (Studio 23 in Columbia, SC). Jennings also enlisted and featured legendary sax player Ron Holloway on the song and other notable jazz horn players, Hank Bilal (trombone) and Mauricio Richardson (trumpet) to round out the production. The album's  and single cover art was designed by Atlanta based artist Goldi Gold.
""Broken Blue" is an anthem "against corruption and social injustices." " Worldwide we are all part of this global family. Everyone needs to think about our actions during this 21st century," says Jennings. "Ask all world citizens and the powers in control "Is It You or Is It You!" Why we have a "Broken Blue!""
The long awaited release of the debut album/CD "The 8th Day" is coming to listeners across the globe.The music is potent featuring a talented list of great artists, vocalists and the lyrical content touching on current events affecting humanity worldwide. "Broken Blue" will debut on the fourth of July and will be available at all major online stores.
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About Steven Jennings Soulful Spoken Word R&B, a mixing of retro grooves genre that address the New Generation of Spoken Word Art fusion of jazz, hip hop, world, gospel and soul, as well as lyrical content concerning social and political issues of our times. A former community services activist, multi-talented, songwriter, producer and musician Steven Jennings decided to record and release his debut single and EP recordings. This recording is a global statement to our society that we all need to care for each other no matter of your culture.
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