Album: American Pride Project
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Album: American Pride Project
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This is a private link and all music on this link is not to be released to the public. All music is copyrighted by Gregory A. Williams and protected by Federal copyright laws. Violators will be prosecuted by the law of the United States.
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Crossover artist / producer Allen Williams, has been
writing music since the ripe old age of 5.  After he
borrowed (swiped) the pots and pans from under the
kitchen sink, he began his music career.
He recalls how the pot tops made the "real ringing
sounds", that fascinated him to no end.  After he was
later found to be multi-gifted (visual/musical/intra-
personal), he decided to use his gifts to create clean
and positive music only.  By positive, he refers to the
music of great legends, such as Quincy "Q" Jones,
James Brown, John Williams (Star Wars), Stevie
Wonder, Michael Jackson, and many others.  He
says, that "Their music kept me out of trouble in the
after school hours".  

Allen has also been diagnosed as being Dyscalculic
and Dyslexic and, doesn't read music.  His desire
is to help bring a better awareness of these (LD's) in  
the hope that there will be greater understanding and
compassion for individuals like himself.

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