Classical Genre
We can submit Classical Artists to over 200 music resources. Below you'll find just a few sample sites where your music may be submitted.
Beautiful Music Radio
Holistic Global Radio
Origen Music
Earbits Free Online Radio
Jones College Radio Jacksonville
KDFC San Jose Classical Radio


"I have greatly appreciated my association with MusicSUBMIT in their goal of creating a new music paradigm. I have been recording for many years I have been very conscious of the fact that my music does not have a slam dunk format fit. MusicSUBMIT has been helpful in allowing my music to find those niche homes for my musical/spiritual expression while allowing me to be a more authentic and non-format driven artist. In many ways they have contributed to my renewed optimism of the belief that music can be a great tool in changing the world for good. Thanks guys for helping give my musical narrative a voice."

– Philip Sandifer

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