Instrumental Genre
We can submit Instrumental Artists to over 100 music resources. Below you'll find just a few sample sites where your music may be submitted.
Wildman Steve Radio
Melodic Revolution
Enlightened Piano
Smooth Mix Radio
Strutter Magazine Melody Central
Music Street Journal


What can I say... you are great! Before using your services, I used to spend days to find web radios, fanzines and blogs and I used to struggle to bring my music to the right ears. Now, with you, it's all simpler: I upload my tracks once, I start a campaign and you do the "dirty work." I just have to sit down, relax and wait for the next e-mail. I worked with you for my first album, Crazy Tunes, and my latest single, The 25th Hour, and I will work with you again for sure to promote the Opera Rock debut album Starborn, out in a few months."

– Mr. Faz, LadderSoul

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