New Age Genre
New Age artists can order up to 200 submissions. Below you'll find just a few sample radio stations & blogs where your music may be submitted.

Calm Radio
The Cosmic Island
Heart Dance Radio logo
Pagan Space
Echoes Internet Radio


"I had great success with MusicSUBMIT when I first released my solo material, Calie Cox, Obvious, as well as my project The Temple of Now, Two Worlds. I have had internet radio airplay ALL OVER THE WORLD, as well as being added to at least 3 different compilation CDs. I was picked up by Nicky Baldrian of Two Side Moon/SLW Promotions, who also got me a lot of worldwide airplay. I only did one round of submissions for each project, and I am STILL reaping the benefits from that to this very day!

MusicSUBMIT is a GREAT place to get yourself started, and also can possibly get you signed to an Indie Label rather easily.

MusicSUBMIT ROCKS!! I was added to the playlist of at least 35 different radio stations around the world, and I am STILL being asked to send out new material to the contacts I made on the first round of submissions I sent out! When I release my next CD MusicSUBMIT will be one of the first services I will send my submissions through!!

Good Luck Everyone! Send out your BEST STUFF, and be amazed at how many contacts you will make inside of a month..."

– Calie Cox

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