Singer Songwriter Genre
Singer Songwriter artists are eligible for our Best Shot submission deal, or any other submission package. Below you'll find just a few sample sites where your music may be submitted.

Town Radio 93.9
106.1 The Corner
Monte Cristo Records
Mpress Records
Kind Web
1061 The Corner
Indie Spectrum Radio


"I completely understand the hesitation to pay for promo. It is something I seldom do myself. But if you are willing to invest in promo, MusicSUBMIT does get your music into the hands of podcasters, radio stations, etc. If you're looking to network and build contacts in the industry, MusicSUBMIT can help open doors for you and introduce your music to those who otherwise may never hear it."

– Tom Mulherin

"MusicSubmit is a great way to get word about a new release out into the world. I appreciated the easy-to-navigate EPK presentation for my recent Something Special EP release."

– Deborah Crooks

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