Artist: Young Hatchet ft. Styne
Album: Suddenly ft. Styne
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Artist Name Young Hatchet ft. Styne
Album Suddenly ft. Styne
Style of Music rap/hip hop
Hometown Waterloo, IA, USA
Artist Email
Dope rapper Young Hatchet started rapping at an early age growing up in Indiana. His natural talent for spitting rhymes got the attention of rap artist and owner of Most Doubted Records Entertainment, Styne. Real rap music with the mid-west flavor.
Influences meek mill, lil boose
Sounds Like YG, Tyle Dolla, Rich Homie

    Young Hatchet humbly hails from Indiana. Ever since he was a child growing up he knew rapping was what he wanted to do. His natural talent and his ability to make his words flow makes this budding rap artist a star in the making. His star qualities got the attention of rapper and owner of Most Doubted Records Ent., Styne. The two mid-west rappers joined together and created one of the hottest songs to come out of the mid-west "Suddenly". 



For more information, pleae contact: (314) 680-6819/ (618) 746-7881




Young Hatchet "Suddenly " featuring Styne

Talented rapper, Young Hatchet is putting Indiana on the map. He has the sick flow, lyrics, and natural talent to become an upcoming rap star. His confidence is present is his words and how he carries himself. Young Hatchet's humble begginings didn't deter him from dreaming big and isn't afraid to work hard to obtain his goals. When you listen to this young new artist, you have a sense of relief that real hip hop isn't dead and that real MC's are still here and waiting to be heard. You'll be hearing more from this hidden gem, Young Hatchet will continue to create dope music. 

Styne who is featured on the song "Suddenly" heard of Young Hatchet and imediately wanted to work with him. Born Craig B. Epps Jr, artist and CEO Styne, was born in East St. Louis IL. He is not only an amazing lyricist, he is also the founder, and creator of Most Doubted Records Entertainment. Since a young boy of 8, Styne was drawn to words; he began writing poetry in elementary school and then writing rhymes in high school. Shortly after graduating high school, Styne knew at a young age he wanted more and in order to obtain more he needed to elevate himself, so the rising lyricist enrolled at a local college and studied both business management and recording engineering. Styne’s business background, creative passion, and analytical sharpness spearheaded the creation of Most Doubted Records Entertainment.  The label’s name stems from all the doubters and non-believers from when Styne first shared his vision to open up his own record label. The doubters are now believers as Most Doubted Records continues to grow.