Artist: War
Album: War Element Fire (Royalty)
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Artist Name War
Album War Element Fire (Royalty)
Style of Music Hip Hop
Hometown Peoria, IL, US
Artist Email
War Elements is a Project based on all the Known Elements in the Universe. Each album represents a different element.
Influences God, 2pac
Sounds Like Nobody, Nobody, Nobody

War Warith Rahim Muhammed aka  ' War ' The tough streets of Oakland's bay area is the rich backdrop which sets the tone and script for the artist known as “War”. After relocating to the Midwest, his style in the urban art of hip hop came to full form. The combination of his unique lyrical style and focus on science - mixed with social and political relevance taps listeners with music that he calls “God's Music”. War also flips the letters in his name around in his alias to call his production company Raw Hit Entertainment. As his career has gained momentum, he began opening for such acts as Ginuwine and Boyz ll Men, as well as being in The Source Magazine's Unsigned Hype Hip Hop Artist Showcase. Using blazing hot music from his Grammy nominated production team, wrapped around smart sharp lyrical content, War's new project called “ War's Elements “ adds a different twist to the current hip hop establishment. War's delivery elevates the music far beyond the noisy, busy hip hop sound.

Gods Music Presents: "War Elements" unleashing the first Element (Fire) under the Royalty Flag to set the game on fire. Only to put the fire out with the Water Element Album which will also flood the whole game. The unmatched information and skills that War has been using to control things from behind the scenes is something you only read about in spy novels. "Genius" in his own right and is looking to knockout anyone who stands in his path in taking the throne. It's Inevitable!!! says War.