Artist: Jjappleby
Album: Sweetest Thing.
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Artist Name Jjappleby
Album Sweetest Thing.
Style of Music Gospel Reggae /Reggae
Hometown Croydon., Surrey., United Kingdom
Born and raised in Kingston Jamaica Winston Fraser aka JJ Appleby moves to the United kingdom with his mum at his teen. With his unique voice and style he was quickly added to The Equator band, Now solo with 6 albums, 3 Eps and singles under LTM Re
Influences Otis Ready., Al Green.
Sounds Like Jj., Jjappleby., Jj.

Born Winston Fraser aka JJ. Appleby is a jamaican UK Based artist who lives in Croydon for the past 4 decades. After soloist from the equators band which used to tour Europe and abroad Winsto become a sole artist and now has more than 6valbuns , 3 Eps and singles to his credits. According to his Label and management (LTM Records) he sis to be consistency as been done for some years now and more active and now ready to explore, tour and perform globally .some hit albums and singles with hit videos to his credits like ( Alfro Drums Ep Album), 3 Hit Riddim Project , Sweetest love, soul album Vol 2 and alot lore.  His new project Reggae Sweetness Ep up coming is praise to be one of kind as project with set packed of Official videos and also ready to release all videos on the project 3 hit Riddims. He is an artist with host of different paintings aside music which has also been published and one can always get in touch and get copies of his lovely ancient style painting. On all social media platforms you can follow Winston Fraser aka Jj. Appleby 

New video out now

KING'S WAITING (Official Video)