Artist: EverNoize
Album: Fools of Us
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Artist Name EverNoize
Album Fools of Us
Style of Music Alternative, Rock, Electronic, Trip Hop, Trip Rock, Rap
Hometown Somewhere, In, Europe
Artist Email
EverNoize’s music finds its roots both in rock and in electronic music, especially trip hop & rap. As such, it is be best labeled as “Trip Rock”. As a solo artist, EverNoize writes, composes and performs all his productions.
Influences Radiohead, Massive Attack
Sounds Like Imagine Dragons, Twenty One Pilots, AWOLNATION


Born and raised in Europe, EverNoize is not only a musician, poet and writer, but also a scientist, economist, and lawyer. Not careers that one pairs too often with an artist, thus making EverNoize quite singular among his peers. Inspired by the richness of his varied experiences, he works solo in the studio, from vocals to instrumentation and mixing.

His unique style at the crossroads of rock and electronic, trip hop & rap influences, ensured the online success of his first album, Fools of Us, released on October 31, 2017, after a debut EP, No Limit, released earlier in 2017. 

Jammerzine said of this accomplished artist, “EverNoize takes on a varied amount of emotions in his music including hope, a strength of will, elation – but also violence and frustration…” EverNoize has been heard on various radios such KSOI (IA, USA), Steel Waves (PA, USA), WDYN (NY, USA), Global Bass Radio (TX, USA), 420/Lifestyle Radio (Canada), Ardenn’Café Radio (France) or Independent Radio Trier (Germany).

Fans comments on Jango: "This is just a cool song." / "How could anyone not like this song. The music and the bridge is amazing." / "ITS SOO GOOD"... (more here)



A poet. A novelist. An engineer. A lawyer. One may think this was the start of one of those "...walked into a bar" jokes, but it's far from. Instead, these are all of the things EverNoize is on top of being a profound musician. Composing all of his material on his own, he also takes care of the orchestration, performance and mixing. All of this work culminated in the release in October 2017 of his first album, Fools of Us, released, after a debut EP, No Limit, released earlier in 2017.

Combining a unique mix of rock and electronic, trip hop & rap styles, EverNoize takes on a varied amount of emotions in his music including hope, strength of will, elation – but also violence and frustration which he deals with in songs such as "Entitled" or his major hit, "Fly (Part I)". He notes of these tracks, "These are about everything we would like to get or achieve in life and think we can’t. But they're mostly also about overcoming that feeling and restoring hope again, finding out that true obstacles are mostly in our own eye." 

Overcoming is something EverNoize knows all too well. Being born and raised in a European country where English was not the native tongue, he made a choice to write and sing all of his tracks in that language he mastered in the cold, business-driven environment of his life as an international lawyer, mixing the best of this experience with his warmer, inner life as an artist, just the same as he stroke a unique balance between pure rock and electronic influences from a musical standpoint. The result has the rock appeal of Radiohead with more subdued experimental ways, the richness of Imagine Dragons, Twenty One Pilots and Coldplay without the mainstream shell, the elegance of Massive Attack with a more raw sound. That has allowed him to have a 80-90% approval rating from listeners on various web radios such as Jango.

Those stats go along with a Facebook page with more than 3,000 fans, several thousands on Jango (and having entered "Today's Top 100" playlist in December 2018) and being a part of about 1,000 playlists on streaming platforms such as Deezer and Spotify, with more than 20,000 streams a month on these. EverNoize has also been heard on various radios such KSOI (IA, USA), Steel Waves (PA, USA), WDYN (NY, USA), Independent Radio Trier (Germany) or Ardenn’Café Radio (France).

EverNoize says of his journey thus far, "In a continuous musical flow from one song to the next. Fools of Us was a project that took several years to achieve, of which No Limit was only a first glimpse. All these songs, although produced in isolation, were meant from their inception to respond to each other and provide a full, consistent, and richer musical landscape altogether than each of them taken individually."