Artist: Beaver Road
Album: Here We Go Again/Once Again
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Artist Name Beaver Road
Album Here We Go Again/Once Again
Style of Music Country Rock
Hometown Southampton, Pa, United States
"Beaver Road" are Stan Demski and Mitch Schecter. Their roots are in Folk/Rock, Country/Americana.
Influences Buffalo Springfield, Eagles
Sounds Like America, Cat Stevens, James Taylor

Beaver Road is a new band that actually goes back many years.The band is comprised of the duo of Stan Demski and Mitch Schecter who started making music together in 1973 when they recorded their first demo of songs.Those long ago sessions started a lifelong musical partnership that has culminated in the formation of "Beaver Road"

Their two albums, "Here We Go Again" and "Once Again" have roots in Folk/Rock, Country/Rock, and Americana. Stan plays a beautiful vintage Martin Acoustic Guitar and Mitch plays many different instruments, from Electric and Acoustic Guitar and Percussion, to Mandolin, 6 String Banjo and Bass Guitar. The vocals are pure down home and the harmonies suggest west coast style.

Check out "BEAVER ROAD".

Beaver Road are Stan Demski and Mitch Schecter. Their music is a mix of Folk/Rock and Country/Americana. If you are a fan of groups like, Buffalo Springfield, CSN, The Eagles, The Band, Cat Stevens, then you will enjoy Beaver Road

The great Tommy Emmanuel said:

"Nice work! Sounds very 70's and real!"


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