Artist: Funktastic Players
Album: Check it out y'all Remix
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Artist Name Funktastic Players
Album Check it out y'all Remix
Style of Music Jazz
Hometown springdale, Maryland, USA
Artist Email
We are the perfect blend of 70's soul, 80's hip hop and contemporary jazz! Imagine Maceo Parker, Gerald Albright and Tribe called Quest formed a group. That would be the best way to describe the Mighty Funktastic Players. We pick up where James Brown
Influences Maceo Parker, Incognito
Sounds Like Unwrapped, Maceo Parker, Brand New Hea1vies

What makes the Funktastic Players different from other bands?

The Funktastic Players is my brain child but I’m not a musician in the traditional sense. I started out as an MCDJ during the Sugar Hill Gang, Kurtis Blow, Grandmaster Flash era. I spent a great deal of my early years producing rap acts and like all produces from that era I sampled soul, jazz and funk records from the 70s. But, unlike other produces from that era I evolved. I wanted to re-create my own soul music not just sample it. Fast forward many years later and I found myself finally free to do the music I wanted to do the way I wanted to do it. Having worked in the industry my entire adult life for various independent record labels I came to understand this one simple truth “brand before band”! In other words, if I want people to come see the Funktastic Players I had to give them a legit reason to come. We are not a part of the tribute band circuit nor are we a cover tunes band. You’re not going to see the Funktastic Players at local bars, tavern’s pubs and restaurants. When we gig people will come to see us and our 40 plus tune catalog.  I’m trying to build a brand and a catalog of tunes that people know, respect and pay top dollar to see performed. That takes time and investment. We released our first CD, Generations, six years ago and we’re still building our brand and adding fans nationally and internationally. We thank all of you who have stumbled upon us and become fans. 


Blending classic funk grooves with a modern drive and Hip Hop attitude, the aptly named Funktastic Players present Check It Out Y'all Remix - a non-stop, feel-good, slice of sonic soul food that'll have heads bobbing from beat one! A relaxed pocket supports bright horns and brilliant sax work to make Check It Out Y'all Remix a track to set the mood - whether for party or for pleasure, Funktastic Players are keeping it real!

Strongest Point(s): Excellent feel all the way through - from the intro through to the end. Stellar bass tone, and really killer playing from the rhythm section. Wonderfully immersive keys and absolutely incredible solo work from the sax - all spruced up by engaging funk guitar and a bright horn chorus, this track is nothing but strengths! Great mix as well - everything is present and nothing feels buried. Killer work!

Target Audience Appeal: Listeners seeking an instrumentally soulful sound will love the work that Funktastic Players are putting out - with enough skill and musicality on display in Check It Out Y'all Remix to resonate with a wide and varied audience! Classic funk fans and more contemporary listeners alike should find more than enough to dig into here - thanks for the submission! - Jon W. Artist target suggestions: James Brown, A Tribe Called Quest, Parliament, Sly & The Family Stone, De La Soul, Vulfpeck, The Brand New Heavies, MF Doom