Artist: Gene Munns Project
Album: Summer Trails
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Artist Name Gene Munns Project
Album Summer Trails
Style of Music Jazz
Hometown Riverview, Florida, United States
Sweet Success Records releases Gmunns Project featuring Saxophones Jordan Bolds Jazz single entitled City Roads. This single is more of a Jazz fusion piece to get introduce the Jazz world to gmunns and the new kid on the block Jordon Bolds.
Influences BK Jackson, Eric Darius
Sounds Like , ,

Gmunns Project is a producer turned artist now release his first single Jazz singles and loving every bit of it. Hie has worked with a great bunch of musician to bring this project togeither but it has been well worth the wait. Gmunns background is from the comupter world in the network engineering and artist management but has decided that he wanted to through his hat into the ring in producing music working with Jazz and R&B artist by performing on his new releases. 

Gmunns is hitting the street with his new Jazz and R&B single projects in 2020 and more coming 2021.