Artist: Tony SharperLPH
Album: 16 Greatest Hits Tony SharperLPH
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Artist Name Tony SharperLPH
Album 16 Greatest Hits Tony SharperLPH
Style of Music POP/R&B/URBAN
Hometown Los Angeles, CA - California, United States
The President, Founder of Sharp Records Inc./ Sharper Brothers Records Inc. . Past Voting member Grammy, CMA Country Music Assoc. Stellar, GMA Gospel Music Asso., Sharper Brothers Inc. THE BEST NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS!
Influences Earth Wind And Fire, Maurice White
Sounds Like Burno Mars, Charlie Wilson, John Legend

Tony is a Drummer, Lead Vocal, Producer, Writer, one time perform with Arthur Crume and The Soul Stirrers of Chicago,  the High Way Que, former voteing member of Grammy Awards  and President of Sharp Records and Sharper Brothers Records ( Tony Have a performer skills with a strong knowledge of music theory and history. Dedicated Musician willing to collaborate with other professionals and also perform in a solo role. Consistently cultivating long-lasting professional relationships and capable of remaining focused and poised in fast-paced settings in all format of music in today music (NO TRASH MUSIC) for the fan all over the world Passionate Accompanist with Number years of experience in Area of expertise. Extensive knowledge of musical instruction and pinpointing issues in compositions Talented and Skill.


Tony SharperLPH