Album: The Family Album
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Album The Family Album
Style of Music Bjork meets the white stripes
Hometown Brooklyn, NY, United States
the kind of band Picasso would have formed: "can I coin the phrase...CUBISTIC BEATS!?"
Influences Portishead, Pink Floyd
Sounds Like PJ Harvey, bjork, Califone
SARTH CALHOUN: keys, bass, loops, sound design

LEAH COLOFF: cello, vocals

PAUL CHUFFO: drums, thumb piano, sounds

If music can trigger long-abandoned muscle memories, here are 10 short films from American life.

Love, lust, struggle, loneliness, paranoia fill the landscape in the portraits of “The Family Album.”

The layers of sound are both familiar and unsettling, created by over 20 hours of live, open improvisation and then whittled down to the essence of each player’s individual sound.

Lou Reed joins “At a Threadbare Funeral,” adding a eulogy full of fire and brimstone.

Lucibel Crater is proud to present “The Family Album."

Produced by Lucibel, Mixed by Bryce Goggin and Mastered by Fred Kevorkian.

"Lucibel Crater is a breath of fresh air. Compelling melodies,with evocative hybrid organic/electro sounds and sterling performances (seldom heard in a Techno wasteland)”

–Tony Visconti

“It's not easy to sound this fresh without ever sounding contrived, but Lucibel Crater pulls it off effortlessly. The Family Album enacts family values the way they ought to be -- emotionally charged,continually surprising, inspiring in their originality and ambition, provocative and fun, noisy and meaningful. And entirely satisfying.”

- Anthony DeCurtis, Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone