Artist: Moraga
Album: Cool Kind of Loving
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Artist Name Moraga
Album Cool Kind of Loving
Style of Music Acoustic/Latin Fused
Hometown Hawthorne, Ca, USA
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Vic Moraga-accomplished vocalist, award winning songwriter, virtuoso guitarist. Latin fused jazz, rock, country, and blues.
Influences Rock, Jazz
Sounds Like Blues, Latin, Country
Vic Moraga, accomplished vocalist, virtuoso guitarist, and award winning songwriter, has garnered critic's praise for the release of his Cd's "Born Ready'04" and "Cool Kind of Loving '06". His music has aired over national and local markets. He tours solo and with his group "The Moraga Band" before audiences of all ages.
Vic Moraga-*"A delicate mixture of jazz, country, and latin proving Moraga's ability to meld all the best together to create very powerful and moving music." Foley Entertainment
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