Artist: Stephanie Pauline
Album: Rush the Sea
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Artist Name Stephanie Pauline
Album Rush the Sea
Style of Music Folk/pop/rock
Hometown Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Folk/pop/rock songstress, Stephanie Pauline, acts as artistic catalyst, imbuing courage into listeners as we drink deeply of life's great store with her; mouthfuls of humanity: elation/fear on a voice that both bleeds and triumphs in the same breath.
Influences Alison Krauss, Jewell
Sounds Like Rich Mullins, Sarah Mclachlan, David Wilcox
Stephanie Pauline is a prolific songwriter. With over 400 songs written Stephanie serves as an artistic catalyst, imbuing listeners with courage as they drink deeply of life's great store with her; mouthfuls of humanity: elation/fear on a voice that both bleeds and triumphs in the same breath. Though she borrows from many genres, Pauline takes her cues from pop music, crafting radio friendly songs that build and explode in a way that catches the ear. As a songwriter her ultimate musical goal is to have songs playing on pop/rock, country, and Christian radio. Listening to Stephanie, one is reminded of great artists like Sara McLachlan, Paula Cole, Jewel and Alison Krauss, as her voice pierces the soul and leaves listeners aching for more.

Stephanie's sincere lyrics and compelling melodies draw people of all ages, and walks of life. "I invite others into an honest moment and hopefully encourage them in their own pursuit of truth and a passionate life abandoned to the only thing worth living for: love. I've been pretty pressed in life and I think it has produced a severity and vulnerability in me that people just lean into. It pulls things up from deep within them and unearths hearts.” This depth, both in writing, and in the emotional presentation of her material, is due, at least in part, to the difficulties life dealt out in force in her young life to adolescence. After what she calls five years of darkness she says God recovered her and renewed within her an inborn sense of music that has accompanied her all through her life in varying degrees. She says that songwriting came to her like breathing or laughing; it's just always been a part of who she is and what she does. She was encouraged early on in her passion for music by her mother who sang her to sleep many nights to one home spun ditty or another.

Stephanie Pauline plays piano, and has co produced all of her recordings to date. The last two of which brought her to Nashville and LA where she recorded with some of the industry's best studio musicians. She performed over 80 dates from 2006-2007, and is gearing up for another 80 date tour in 2009. Her music is currently being played on over 500 radio stations world wide, landing three of Stephanie’s songs in the top 10 on the CRW Global Inspo and AC Chart and also on the Euro NCM Chart this year. One of her songs has been used on a sound track in a film called "My Lawyer," and she has won numerous song competitions. Her talents have garnered her a few record label offers, a recent nomination for an Independent Singer Songwriter Association award, and the industry’s attention. In 2004 More than Music Inc., the hub of her music, was made an official non-profit.

Tied closely to all her endeavors is her goal of funneling the profits of her life's work to worthy causes, world relief efforts, and social evangelism. Stephanie Pauline has chosen to waive her salary since the non-profit was made a legal entity in 2004 to help enable that. 30% of her concerts are performed in detention centers and drug rehab facilities around the country and she has been on several humanitarian forays, including a month long mission to an orphanage in Vijayawada, India. Stephanie has seen first hand the extensive destitution that plagues most of this planet and it is her destiny to use her gifts to make a difference here.
I am thrilled to report that my recent radio singles, "Love Never Fails" and "I Will", are being played around the world. Right now "Love Never Fails" is #8 on the CRW Global Adult Contemporary Chart and #12 on the Inspirational Chart. It rose to number #7 in on the NCM Euro chart this last month and "I Will" is faring well too at #8 on the Global Inspirational chart as well.

"Love Never Fails" is a song that came out of deep moments of meditation and prayer. I was asking God to help me Love like Him, I was just starting to understand the pain that can come in being close to my husband, (who, we discovered, after we wed, suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome). I was realizing that being a part of his healing was going to mean some real pain and difficulty. I was scared and I didn't know how to love Nathan like God loved me. God poured “Love Never Fails” through me, as I beamed with joy and cried all at the same time. Just think about it. If God means that, really means that love never fails and never really means never…well then that changes everything…the way I think, the way I walk into a room, the way I look someone in the eye, the way I speak, what I am going to do with every day of my whole life…it truly changes everything. Suddenly I can give without holding back, and love with a faith I've never allowed myself to have. I'm free to live the love God has given me. God – love – will deal with the less than perfects and less than loving responses I may get from those struggling to trust God around me…they are not my concern. Love – that is my one mission…my one calling.

You know, of all the songs I've written "Love Never Fails" has been the most convicting to me in moments when I have wanted to just throw up my hands and quit. God says, "How can you go and sing and share a message about how my love never fails and have failed to love your husband?" Then I go back to my knees and ask Him to show me more about this love that never fails. So hear this: "Love never fails - even when its pierced with nails. When no one ever could - love WILL make it good."

Well, I just wanted to share this small victory with each of you. I sent out an e-mail to my friends and family giving the good report about being on the charts. I've never received this much radio play before so everyone, including myself, was thrilled. Among other things I wrote "This is the fruit of God's amazing faithfulness and YEARS of long, soul searching, heart wrenching, and flint foreheaded work. It hasn't been easy, but its been blessed. God knows the me I was, and so do I…curled up in a ball at 18 too scared to gather up my son and leave a man who beat me…too frozen to feel, too hurt to ask God all the why's I had burning in my heart, dying inside. God saw me then and He sees me now. Still so far from the me He will forge in me over time, but already so much more than I ever thought I could be. Thank you God. Thank you God." (If you have a chance you can read more about my story online at my home site. I am so humbled by how God has used me, and healed this land.

"Now we know that He loves us in this…while we were still sinners, (choosing less than the best and not trusting Him), Christ died for us."

Much forgiven,

Stephanie Pauline
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