Artist: 2merica
Album: Never Met Tomorrow
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Artist Name 2merica
Album Never Met Tomorrow
Style of Music Rock, Electronic, Funk, Avant Garde
Hometown Rustopia, Northside, USA
Artist Email
Fresh, dark, funky .. making the overall effect brilliantly futile.
Genre bending with fearless musicians. High concept silliness.
Art for our sake.
Influences Radiohead, P-Funk
Sounds Like Gorillaz, Pere Ubu, Outkast

No one sounds like 2merica.
We are everywhere you are.
Words are ... currently offline.

OK, this is what we will tell you: 2merica is led by two brothers Ezraz & Jaimeson. So far they've delivered two albums: "Record Profits" debuted in 2005 followed by "Sensors & Switches & Buttons" in 2007.

"Never Met Tomorrow" (released 12/29/09) is the first track from Scherzo Elskorpion, a suite of five pieces accompanying the film Trick of the Scorpion.

Five souls. One night. One chance. One life.

Further information on this artist is on a NTK basis. Press kit available in esperanto.

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