Artist: ROFL_FM
Album: Reggae Christmas Time
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Artist Name ROFL_FM
Album Reggae Christmas Time
Style of Music Rock, Reggae, Pop, Latin,R&B
Hometown , Bavaria, Germany
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ROFL_FM (Rolling On the Floor Laughing Formation of Music) is a music studio production team from Germany which was formed in the year 2011 by songwriter Nelson Z. The group is composed of several studio singers and producers in Germany and the U.S.
Influences UB40,Michael Jackson, Usher,The Commodores
Sounds Like UB40, Bob Marley, Eric Clapton

Nelson Z. - Lead Vocals, Songwriter.

ROFL_FM is a studio animation band production. This music formation composes in different styles of music, like Rock,R&B, Americana, Pop, Latin, Reggae and many more. For song downloads, please check these online stores:,

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