Artist: Jupiter Vinyl
Album: lazy ash tree
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Artist Name Jupiter Vinyl
Album lazy ash tree
Style of Music Folk Indie Pop
Hometown Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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Ed's unique upbeat island guitar rhythms & Corinne's strong harmonic voice is a meeting between Jack Johnson & Karen Carpenter. The trio's modern spin on retro sounding harmonies is hard to classify, but it would fit in well with Alt Indie Folk.
Influences The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel
Sounds Like Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, First Aid Kit

Corinne Bohjanen, Ed Horey, and Jen Webster create a beautiful tapestry of folk-pop harmonies. Their music is original, creative, and hard to classify. They are a versatile trio, having covered hundreds of stylistically different songs including Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”, Modern English’s “I Melt with you” and Radiohead’s “Airbag.” In early 2012 Corinne and Ed decided to collaborate on an album of original songs, the result of which is their debut LP, “Lazy Ash Tree". That album was released by Paint Can Records (formerly Liquid Evergreen Productions) in December of 2012. "Lazy Ash Tree" embraces the simple and upbeat style of Alt Indie Folk. Jupiter Vinyl's mellow back porch style, intimate and engaging live performances, and inventive song writing and vocal harmonies set Jupiter Vinyl apart as a new up and comer in the Pittsburgh music scene and beyond.

Corinne and Ed began performing together as Jupiter Vinyl in August 2010. Their music is reminiscent of a modern day Johnny Cash and June Carter. Their new and interesting style grew out of their very different backgrounds.

Ed hails from just south of Pittsburgh, PA, a city that is experiencing an exciting renaissance of music and art. He has studied guitar and piano for over 33 years. Ed runs Paint Can Records an independent record label that’s been producing music since 2002. He’s released several albums ranging from solo classical guitar to indie rock and teaches private guitar and piano lessons. He brings simple, reserved, yet highly sophisticated guitar work to the table.

Corinne, on the other hand, is from the small rural town of Marquette, MI, where she camped, hiked, fished and enjoyed an active lifestyle in the wilderness of the Upper Peninsula. She grew up singing in school musicals, competing in state honors choir competitions and was a member of the University of Michigan Glee Club. Her musical style was also influenced by the summers she spent singing around campfires along the beautiful pristine shores of Lake Superior. Her gifts lie in playing the bass, mandolin, and writing and singing unique harmonies.

In 2012 Jen Webster began performing with Corinne and Ed. The addition of Jen's vocal harmonies and rhythms round out Jupiter Vinyl's upbeat indie folk sound. Jen hails from just north of Pittsburgh. She has studied drums, bass, guitar, and vocals for 23 years. She grew up in a house that was always full of music that formed the basis of her musical influences. She enjoyed singing along to folk tunes with her mom.

12/1/12 - Jupiter Vinyl released their debut album, "Lazy Ash Tree" featuring 10 original songs by Marquette, MI native Corinne Bohjanen and Pittsburgh, PA native Edward J. Horey. As part of the project they collaborated with Pittsburgh artist David Wadsworth, who contributed 11 original oil paintings for the album cover and insert. The CD and Vinyl can be purchased at and the .mp3's are available on iTunes and Amazon.

"Lazy Ash Tree" is reminiscent of the pre-electric acoustic rhythm and blues folk-a-billy 50's era. The style of songs ranges from short sweet pop songs with catchy harmonies to ballads whose depth and richness belies the fact that just two musicians are creating the music. The blend of their voices creates lulling harmonies unique to themselves. Their seamless ability to weave and exchange vocal melodies is interesting and different, yet accessible and pleasing. Horey's blend of rhythm/lead acoustic guitar work adds percussive dimension while Bohjanen's bass playing holds the root of everything together.

The album's lyrics were written by Bohjanen (with the exception of “Dreams From Clouds” by her then 9-year old daughter, Maya.) Bohjanen and Horey then set out to put the lyrics to music and worked out the melodies, harmonies, and arrangements by practicing them hundreds of times before they recorded. During the summer/fall of 2012 the album was recorded at Paint Can Record's studio. Horey recorded, mixed, and mastered the album along with the graphic design of the album’s lyrics & oil paintings.

Jupiter Vinyl is currently soliciting review and airplay of their album. They are actively booking and playing shows around the Pittsburgh, PA area.