Artist: Relle
Album: Ready!
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Artist Name Relle
Album Ready!
Style of Music Hip-Hop
Hometown Brooklyn, New York, United States
I reach inside the chest with lyrical prowess and allow my heart to confess the pure truth.
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Born in the breath taking Caribbean country Trinidad and Tobago, Jherelle Adanna Safiya Benn traveled to the United States with her family as an infant. She was unaware of the significant change in her young life that was taking place. New York was the only other home she knew. Growing up in the most populated city in the United States combined with her West Indian heritage has provided this young woman with certain advantages such as an open mind, a thirst for knowledge, and a fire like passion that drives her forward. Currently Jherelle is pursuing a degree in journalism and dramatic arts. Hoping to one day work as a freelance journalist and actress she strongly believes education and the ability to think beyond the confines of societal constraints is the key to success and achieving all goals. Life in her eyes is a constant search for liberation but for now shes perfectly content chasing her dreams and living the amazingly unpredictable life of a New Yorker one day at a time. Feel free to add her on facebook ( or contact her via email if you are interested in the potential opportunity at a creative collaboration with no limits on the possibilities. That's the kind of freedom shes chasing.
For Immediate Release
June 2013
Relle: Love Poem for Mary Jane
Brooklyn based Poet Releases first Single advocating Legalization of Marijuana.

New York laws have been rapidly changing over the past 2 years. With historic laws being passed in Colorado, Washington, and now New Jersey, New York legislators have been pressed not to be left behind.

On the heels of this momentous change Relle, a young Brooklyn Poet well known in the New York Poetry scene, releases her first single off of her upcoming album.

The song is titled “A Love Poem For Mary Jane”, and without graphic lyrics or raunchy metaphors Relle captivates her listeners with a clear explanation of what mainstream pundits do not want you to know about Marijuana. In rhythmic fashion Relle’s first single beckons for listeners to “recap on the facts they choose not to say!”

Relle’s single is now available for purchase on all internet stores including Amazon, and Itunes.

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Upcoming Shows
6-09 The Village Underground New York, NY
6-27 Bare Burger New York, NY
7-11 Sidewalk Café New York, NY
8-01 Dixon Place New York, NY