Artist: Deep Listening Band
Album: Dunrobin Sonic Gems
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Artist Name Deep Listening Band
Album Dunrobin Sonic Gems
Style of Music Experimental, Avant Garde
Hometown Kingston, NY, USA
The Deep Listening Band (DLB) was founded in 1988 by musicians/composers Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster and Panaiotis, who was replaced by David Gamper in 1990. DLB specializes in performing and recording in extraordinary acoustic spaces.
Influences Deep Listening Band, DLB
Sounds Like Deep Listening Band, DLB, Pauline Oliveros & Stuart Dempster

Deep Listening Band

The Deep Listening Band (DLB) was founded in 1988 by Pauline Oliveros, (accordionist, and composer), Stuart Dempster (trombonistdidjeridu player and composer), and Panaiotis (vocalist, electronics and composer). David Gamper (keyboards and electronics) replaced Panaiotis in 1990.

The band is named after Oliveros' term, concept, program and registered servicemark of the Deep Listening Institute, Ltd., Deep Listening, and specializes in performing and recording in resonant or reverberant spaces such as cathedrals and huge underground cisterns including the 2-million-US-gallon (7,600 m3Fort Worden Cistern which has a 45 second reverberation time.

Milestones & Collaborations

Deep Listening Band (DLB) recorded its first, self-titled album at Fort Worden Cistern in Port Townsend, WA on October 8, 1988. Al Swanson is credited with the on location recording, while Swanson and Dempster collaborated in editing the recording in December 1988. The initial name"The Deep Listening Band" and the corresponding acronym "DLB" were coined during the winter of 1988/1989. In 1991 the name became "Deep Listening Band", without a "The".

DLB collaborated with Ellen Fullman and her Long String Instrument resulting in the Suspended Music release by Periplum Records in 1993. The band also performed, recorded, and released a trope on John Cage'sNon Stop Flight, a 70 minute excerpt from the 4 hours and 33' trope recorded in September 1996 at the Mills College concert hall, was released by Music & Arts.[4] Unquenchable Fire with the Joe McPhee Quartet was released on the Deep Listening Label in 2003. The same year saw the release Deep Time featuring Swiss experimental percussionist Fritz Hauser as special guest.

In 2008 DLB celebrated 20 years with a series of events beginning in August at Bard College as part of New Albion Records’ 25th Anniversary. The bands anniversary celebrations culminated in a performance on October 24, 2008 at Roulette (Location 1) in NYC. On the same day Taiga Records released the double LP Then & Now, Now & Then, a compilation of mostly unreleased recording excerpts from 1990 to 2006. The performance at Roulette and the performance at Big Twig Studio in the Catskills on the following day were presented as part of IONE’s 13th Annual Dream Festival.

While 2011 was a highly productive year for DLB, it also marked the tragic loss of long time band member David Gamper in September. Supported by Matt Turner (e-cello), Rebecca Salzer, Jeff Wallace (movement), members of IGLU (Improvisation Group at Lawrence University), Larry Darling (sound) and Jillian Johnson (administration) DLB dedicated the October 29, 2011 performance at Lawrence University in Appleton, WI to the memory of David Gamper. As a tribute to Gamper DLB released three albums featuring the long time trio Dempster, Gamper and Oliveros:Octagonal Polyphony (Important Records, vinyl), Great Howl at Town Hall (Important Records, CD) and Needle Drop Jungle (Taiga Records, vinyl).

The band celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a weeklong residency culminating in a concert at the Dunrobin Sonic Gym in Ontario, Canada in October 2013. On this occasion the band employed the Cistern Simulation Technology, a simulation of the Fort Worden Cistern acoustics, developed by Jonas Braasch, Director of the Center for Cognition, Communication, and Culture at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Both residency and concert featured founding members Pauline Oliveros and Stuart Dempster as well as special guests Jonas Braasch (saxophone), Jesse Stewart (percussion, sonic artifacts) and Johannes Welsch (gongs). The concert, which opened with an invocation by IONE (author, playwright, director), resulted in the album Dunrobin Sonic Gems ,released by Deep Listening Label on October 8, 2014, twentysix years to the day of the seminal Fort Worden Cistern Recoding.


  • 2014: Dunrobin Sonic Gems with Jonas Braasch, Jesse Stewart, Johannes Welsch and IONE
  • 2013: Looking Back with Joe McPhee and Randy Raine-Reusch
  • 2012: Octagonal Polyphony
  • 2012: Great Howl at Town Haul
  • 2012: Needle Drop Jungle
  • 2008: Then & Now, Now & Then (double LP)
  • 2003: Deep Time with Fritz Hauser
  • 2003: Unquenchable Fire with Joe McPhee Quartet
  • 1998: Non Stop Flight (live album)
  • 1995: Sanctuary
  • 1995: Tosca Salad
  • 1993: Suspended Music
  • 1991: The Ready Made Boomerang
  • 1990: Troglodyte's Delight
  • 1989: Deep Listening


156 Hunter St. 

Kingston NY 12401






As a warm up to the release of the live album Dunrobin Sonic Gems, their 25th anniversary celebration recording, Deep Listening Band is offering "Johina", a cut from the concert sound-check, as a free download at and the Dunrobin Sonic Gym in Canada

"Johina", an eight minute sound-check excerpt, promises to titillate the listeners eardrums in preparation for full immersion in the forthcoming live album Dunrobin Sonic Gems, a concert recording featuring Deep Listening Band founding members Stuart Dempster (trombone/didjeridu) and Pauline Oliveros (V accordion/conch) with guest artists Ione (spoken word and sonic vocals), Jonas Braasch (soprano sax) Jesse Stewart (percussion), Johannes Welsch (gongs), and Jeff Pratt (live sound and 'Cistern Simulation' blend). While "Johina" is available immediately for download (in both CD quality and MP3 format), Dunrobin Sonic Gems will be released October 8, 2014 on Deep Listening Label as CD as well as download. Both recordings feature the 'Cistern Simulation', a technology developed by Jonas Braasch in 2012, which recreates the acoustics of the iconic Dan Harpole Cistern where Deep Listening Band coined the term “Deep Listening” and recorded the legendary, self-titled album, released by New Albion in 1989 and still sought after by music collectors.


Deep Listening Band and guest musicians celebrated the 25th anniversary of the seminal recording with a weeklong residency culminating in a public concert at the Dunrobin Sonic Gym near Ottawa, Canada. On this occasion the band employed the unique 'Cistern Simulation' creatively: during the Canadian premiere the musicians could be heard as if they were inside the cistern or sonically modified versions of the cistern as 'performed' by the audio engineer Jeff Pratt through blending the 'Cistern Simulation' with the extraordinary room acoustics of the auditorium at the Dunrobin Sonic Gym. Dunrobin Sonic Gems was recorded and engineered by Johannes Welsch, Dave Samson and Jonas Braasch, and mastered by João Carvalho.


Deep Listening Band hopes that the reactions to "Johina" and Dunrobin Sonic Gems will be similarly favorable as were the ones to the world premiere of the 'Cistern Simulation' in New York in 2012. Back then the New York City Village Voice review of the event stated: "Oliveros and band member Stuart Dempster concluded in a deep, shimmering, overtone-rich chord you hoped would go on forever." And The New York Times asserted that "three peak performances used modern technology to evoke the ineffable." Dunrobin Sonic Gems is currently available exclusively though and the Dunrobin Sonic Gym in Canada. The official release date October 8, 2014 marks the 26th anniversary of the seminal Fort Worden Recording.




Deep Listening Band:

Pauline Oliveros 

Stuart Dempster 

Special Guests:

Jonas Braasch (Saxophone) 

Jesse Stewart (Percussion) 

Johannes Welsch (Gongs)

Event Blessings & Opening Invocation:


Live Sound:

Jeff Pratt, Fleet ProSound & Lighting, Ottawa, Canada

Cistern Simulation Technology:

Jonas Braasch 

Live Sound Installation:

Advantage Audio Visual Rentals LTD, Ottawa, Canada: David Hill and Mel James 

Photography and Album Design:

James Perley 

Special Event Logistics:

Nicholas Welsch

Dunrobin Sonic Gym Volunteers:

Maike Dombrowsky (coordination), Don Carr, Catherine McLenaghan, Karin Sharp and Julie Tierney

Legal Counsel:

Warren Creates, Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall, Ottawa, Canada

City of Ottawa Endorsement:

Cultural Development and Initiatives 

Special Thanks:

David and Gisela Gamper


Recorded by Jonas Braasch and Johannes Welsch on October 5, 2013 at the Dunrobin Sonic Gym 

Engineered by Dave Samson, Jonas Braasch and Johannes Welsch

Mastered by João Carvalho

Produced by Deep Listening Band 

Executive Producer: Johannes Welsch 

Published by Deep Listening Publications 

Jonas Braasch, Stuart Dempster, Pauline Oliveros, Ione (ASCAP) 

Jesse Stewart, Johannes Welsch (SOCAN) 

(C) (P) Deep Listening Band 2014 



Contact: Pauline Oliveros


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