Artist: Styne
Album: OTB (On The Block)
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Artist Name Styne
Album OTB (On The Block)
Style of Music hip hop/rap
Hometown bridgeton, MO, usa
Styne, founder of Most Doubted Records Entertainment, is not only the illest underground MC, but also an emerging businessman. His ability to manifest his thoughts into words and generate music that draws in crowds.
Influences Poetry, Tupac Shakur
Sounds Like Starlito, Don Trip, Young Dolph

Born Craig B. Epps Jr. stage name "STYNE", was born and raised in East Saint Louis IL. Since the age of 8 yrs old STYNE has long chased his dreams of being a great MC from writing poems in elementry to writing rhymes through high school, the young MC improved dramatic and now has studied "Business management  and Recording engineering & producing thus starting the "Most Doubted Records ENT." label to further his career as a Artist & CEO. STYNE has been on a independent course for success in pursuing his dreams and had made an impact in the local community. From his hit single "OTB (On The Block)" to the radio sensation "Self Motivated" STYNE has a energetic personalitiy and is driven by music. His genre of music is very versatile, from Pop to Country STYNE push his limits to better improve his music experience and networking. "Most Doubted Records ENT" is a music family and like a family we push each other to become more than just a pen and paper, and will do everything we can to make you feel at home and where you need to be "Welcome To Most Doubted Records ENT."


For more information, pleae contact: (314) 680-6819/ (618) 746-7881





Lyricist, poet, and entrepreneur, Styne's song "OTB" gives you a look of the realities of black men in everyday America. The adversity, struggles, and day to day life is emphasized in this song and music video. Styne raps about real life issues and experiences, bringing awareness to his fans.  Raw talent, intense lyrics, and beats that make you want to dance makes "OTB"  (On The Block) a perfect club banger and ear pleaser for radio listeners. His song lyrics makes you think, while his flow, energy, and beats make you want to move your body.


Born Craig B. Epps Jr, artist and CEO Styne, was born in East St. Louis IL. He is not only an amazing lyricist, he is also the founder, and creator of Most Doubted Records Entertainment. Since a young boy of 8, Styne was drawn to words; he began writing poetry in elementary school and then writing rhymes in high school. Shortly after graduating high school, Styne knew at a young age he wanted more and in order to obtain more he needed to elevate himself, so the rising lyricist enrolled at a local college and studied both business management and recording engineering. Styne’s business background, creative passion, and analytical sharpness spearheaded the creation of Most Doubted Records Entertainment.  The label’s name stems from all the doubters and non-believers from when Styne first shared his vision to open up his own record label. The doubters are now believers as Most Doubted Records continues to grow.