Album: INSPIRE 2 (Redemption Of The Ghettos Worldwide)
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Artist Name MEZONIC
Album INSPIRE 2 (Redemption Of The Ghettos Worldwide)
Style of Music Hip hop/World/Pop/Hipco
Hometown Charlotte, NC, USA
Artist Email
Mezonic is a conscious hip hop artist at heart. He focuses more on positive music than party rap. Even though, his focus is conscious hip hop music, he utilizes his African cultural influences to create beautiful world music etc reggae, Afro-pop...
Influences The Roots, Common
Sounds Like Common, Wyclef Jean, Mos Def

International artist, songwriter, producer, and performer Mezonic is a beacon of light with respect to music. His primary genre as a performing artist is conscious hip-hop music. However, he also performs party rap, pop, hip-co/afro-pop, and world (African) music. Mezonic was born in Liberia, West Africa and influenced by many different types of music while growing up. He relocated to the U.S.A with his parents when he was 17 years old. Mezonic completed high school in Charlotte, NC at Independence high school. He then decided to attend undergrad school at DeVry University (Decatur, GA) where he earned his B.S.C in Electronics Engineering in 2003. Atlanta was also a place that made Mezonic realize that music was his love. While there, he met a few friends that were heavily into producing and recording music. Mezonic decided to learn how to produce. His productions styles vary. Genres include Hip-hop, party rap, dirty south, pop, alternative, reggae, and world music. After moving back to Charlotte, he formed his company Mezonic Records now M.R.P.E, LLC.
Mezonic has released six albums, produced two albums for Carolinas’ BFAM his group, and created several music videos. His songs have also been played and featured on several radio stations and mix shows (i.e. Shade45’s All Out Show & Keep It or Sweep It). His 2nd album Inspire showcased his talents to a higher level because his song “Internet Girl, was a smash radio hit. The song was promoted through On his 3rd album Never Give Up, his single “What It Is” made the media base/radio-wave charts. Between the Fall of 2011 to early 2012, Mezonic gained more than 30000 fans on Facebook. Mezonic & fellow Liberian artist, Jimmy Black joined forces in 2012 to form a group called, AFRICAN KINGS OF HIP-HOP. Their mix-tape is out now. Look out for their joint album soon. Mezonic release his latest album Inspire 2 (Redemption Of The Ghettos Worldwide) on December 9, 2015. His video for the single (Victory Laps) was released in February 2016. Mezonic signed a huge distribution deal with an affiliate of Alliance distribution in April 2016 which made his album available for national as well as international orders (eg., amazon, etc...) The album is currently in many Independent stores nationwide. The store release date was June 10, 2016. Pick up your copy of Mezonic's  album (Inspire 2 - Redemption of the Ghettos Worldwide) today, everywhere online and here T-shirts are also available to order. MEZONIC is still currently promoting his latest album called CARNIVAL that was released in December 2017 (see

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Albums & Projects  

2006 Liberia What's Left (still best selling hard copy album of all-time)

2007 Touching Music Video released

2009 INSPIRE album (remains Mezonic's personal classic album)

( 2009 Internet Girl & Fallen Soldiers makes the urban charts)

2010 Never Give Up

2009 The Blow- UP compilation & Indezonic Radio Released - most all time paid downloads

2010 What It Is makes the Urban Charts

2010 Carolinas' BFAM album drops

2011 Melodic Universe album drops

2011 is added to company (Vizio Contract)

       Served more than 300 customers (B2C) since 2011 until now

2011 Music Production goes public

2012 Mix-tapes 2012 Carolinas' BFAM second album drops

2012 Land 1 off IT contract with Rescue Geeks (Entire Supermarket POS system)

2013 Whose Drawers Are These? Liberian Movie released on YouTube

2013 Bump Music Video Released

2013 Land IT Contract with Go2IT - still listed

2014 African Kings of Hip-hop drops

2014 African Girls & Oh Liberia become the most downloaded songs

2015 Land IT Contract with NCR/Avid - still Listed

2015 October -Energy Song & Video Promo released - great reviews

2015 INSPIRE 2 (Redemption Of The Ghettos Worldwide) is out!!! Buy it now!

2016  Released Afro-beat Kelewele Love Music Video  

-- Released Afro-beat/Dancehall Dah LehVo Single Performed at International Star, Timaya's and Tiwa Savage shows!    --Landed a distribution deal for his album (Mezonic - Inspire 2)  
 --  Re-packaged album for distribution   -- Interviewed with Lincoln The Legend Ward of RadioLib & IREPLiberia  

2017 Interviewed with DJ Blue of Hott FM 107.9 Monrovia, Liberia    -- Interviewed with  Victor Jones of Royal Family Radio Charlotte, NC

-- Released the Top 100 Liberian Music Videos to the U.S/WORLD media


-- Interviewed with Hott FM 107.9 Ganta City, Nimba County, Liberia (Frank Jallah)  

-- Released the Top 100 Liberian Music Videos for February 2017 

--Released the Top 100 Liberian Music Videos (March 2017)

--Dah LehVo & Seductive Measures Video shoot complete (March 2017)

--Released Big Music Videos world-wide (April 2017)  

-- (May 2017) Released Dah LehVo Video

     Released Plehjay Leave My Foot single

     Released Fine Geh Never Suffer single

  -- (July 2, 2017) Performing with WIZKID 

-- Signed artist Z.WE to management company

-- Released latest album December 2017 called Carnival

--Released Z.WE's smash single Young Ones in November 2017

--Signed Soul Smiter to management company

--Released Z.WE's video, ALL SHE WANTS video (May 2017)

--Released Singles Down For Me & U Acting Spay during the summer of 2018 see

--Did a successful album release concert in Atlanta, GA (December 2018)

--Released Singles Juke IT & Mama Africa in February & March 2019 see

--Released Single Sassy ft. BX, PrymEvyl, WF Doc in September 2019 see

--Released Plehjay Leave My Foot Music Video in October 2019 see

--MEZONIC launched MEZONIC Radio in early 2020

-- MEZONIC released his 7th studio album and 2nd International (Afro-beat /Dance-hall) album in August 2020

--MEZONIC shot 3 music videos in Las Vegas with the Twerk Team Models  October 2020

For Immediate Release

New Album Released on December 22, 2017

MEZONIC - Carnival (Caribbean-African Girl Shake-Down)

This album is an Afro-beat/Dance-hall project.  All the songs have a tropical feel.  When you hit play, you will immediately want to dance.  The rap & singing stlyes are mostly in Liberian english (Hipco). Enjoy the album here 


For immediate Release

MEZONIC – Inspire 2 (Redemption Of The Ghettos Worldwide)

INSPIRE 2 is the follow-up of INSPIRE that was released in 2009. This album focuses on motivating and inspiring the youth about their future. There are also hidden messages within the songs that will have individuals thinking about many aspects of life. Redemption of The Ghettos Worldwide is simply planting a seed of positive views to the youth about life. Mezonic took three years to complete this project and you will appreciate every single song. In a time where everything we hear on the radio is about only girls, guns, and weird stuff, this album is a breath of fresh air. Many kids and young adults do not have a father figure to tell them what’s right or wrong. As entertaining as it is, this album provides great messages that teach the youth and young adults about choices in life. 


Check out this music video playlist below!!! Download Mezonic - Kelewele Love here