More Q&A on “Best Shot” promo service from MusicSUBMIT

MusicSUBMIT   December 10, 2015
More Q&A on “Best Shot” promo service from MusicSUBMIT

Q:  So I’m considering going with your “Best Shot” submission package..

A:  Cool, sounds good to us.

Q:  Yeah, right, ok. So I checked out the page with all 100 sites you say you’ll submit my music to. I’ve got a few more questions.

A:  Shoot


Q: are you saying these exact 100 sites actively review the artists you submit to them?

A: Yes, you got that right.


Q:  Are you sure? Maybe you just grabbed a bunch of logos and slapped them on a page?

A:  No, we didn’t do that. The logos you see are actual MusicSUBMIT Reviewers in our system, and they actively review artists we submit to them.


Q:  Okay, so what’s stopping me from just going directly to their website, and submitting my music to them myself, for free?

A:  Actually, nothing is stopping you from doing that. 


Q: Fine, maybe I will do that then.

A: Sure, we don’t force the stations and blogs to work exclusively with MusicSUBMIT. But, we know they like reviewing artists thru us. 

Here, we’ll even help you out. Below are the steps to submit your music to any of these sites, for free:

Step 1:  Hover over the logo to get the Site Name

Step 2:  Google the SIte Name

Step 3:  Figure out if they cover your genre.

Step 4: Yes? Go to step 5.  No? go back to Step 1.

Step 5:  Search around and find the Contact page, then click it.

Step 6:  When you find the Contact page, look for specific instructions on how to submit your music to this site. Most sites have their own protocol on how they prefer to review new artists. After you read the instructions, if you qualify, go to step 7. If not, go back to Step 1. 

Step 7:  When you find the specific email address or contact form for artist submissions (or a submit page or contact form), now you can email your band link to them. (Don’t send mp3′s, most sites hate that, trust us on that one.)

Step 8:  Don’t forget to write a nice note, along with your band link. Again, unless specifically instructed, don’t send any attachments like photos or pdfs.

Step 9: Wait about a week. All radio stations and music blogs receive dozens, if not hundreds, of artist submissions every day. So be patient

Step 10:  DIdn’t hear back? Don’t worry, this is normal. Repeat Steps 6-9. Maybe you’ll get lucky this time

Step 11:  Heard from them yet? Great! Pat yourself on the back, you’ve succeeded in contacting 1 site so far. Now go back to Step 1 and keep going!

Step 12:  Still nothing? Oh, well, you tried. Go back to Step 1 and repeat the process. Good luck!


Q:  Wow....okay, that sounds like a royal pain in the ass!


A:  Yep, it is. 


Q: Any other way I can get my music to these radio stations and blogs?

A:  Sure, get our “Best Shot” submission package. We’ve already done this work for you. 


Q:  Okay...maybe I will. Thanks.

A:  You’re welcome.