What’s the deal with MusicSUBMIT’s “Best Shot” submission package?

MusicSUBMIT   December 10, 2015
What’s the deal with MusicSUBMIT’s “Best Shot” submission package?



Q: So, what’s the dealio with this new “Best Shot” package you’re currently marketing to artists?

A:  Here’s a Gif to help explain a little better:



Q:  Okay, so you’ll submit my my music to 100 stations and blogs?

A:  Right


Q:  Which stations and blogs?

A:  Check them out here:


Q:  Is this a scam?

A:   Not a scam




Q:  So, you’re telling me you’ll submit my music to all 100 sites on that page?

A:  Not quite. It depends on your genre, but yes, you’ll be submitted to many of the sites you see on our Best Shot page.


Q:  Ah-HA! I KNEW this was a SCAM!!

A:  Nope, still not a scam. And we guarantee you’ll get reviewed by at least 50% of the sites. Which, as you know, equals 50 reviews


Q:  Wait a sec....so you GUARANTEE I will get airplay on all 100 of these stations or blogs or whatever? 

A: Absolutely not. We said the stations or blogs will review your music, that’s it. If they don’t like your music, you’re not getting airplay. 


Q.  Okay, so what do you mean by “review”?

A.  Our definition of “review” is a station or blog listening to your music and deciding if they want to play or post it. It’s basically like screening your music.


Q. So I don’t actually get 50 reviews of my music in a magazine?

A:  No, but you can be sure that 50% of them will at least give you a shot at airplay or a post on their blog, or a real review in their music magazine.


Q:  Which 50% of the 100 will give me a shot?

A:  Hard to say, we don’t physically force the stations to listen to your music. But we do provide them some incentives, which is why we can guarantee you’ll get 50 reviews.


Q. What if 50 sites don’t review me?

A:  We’ll keep submitting you out to more sites until at least 50 stations or blogs have reviewed your music. But don’t worry, we feel confident you’ll get the reviews.


Q.  Cool, I’ll think about it. Anything else you’re offering with this Best Shot deal?

A:  Yep, you also get up to 50 more free submissions to stations and print publications your Local market.


Q. Awesome. Thank you.

A.  You’re welcome