3 reasons real music lovers love your music blog

MusicSUBMIT   February 1, 2016
3 reasons real music lovers love your music blog

You just started a music blog, and almost immediately you’ve attracted millions of visitors gobbling up your one-of-a-kind music content and unique perspective on new artists and music news. Congratulations, you rock! 

If this hasn’t actually happened yet, don’t freak out. Building a well-known and respected music blog takes time. Music sites like PitchforkBrooklyn Vegan, and Stereogum did not sprout up from obscurity in a day, and you shouldn’t expect it to happen with your blog. At the same time,  these indie music blogs and others share a few common traits, so if you want to grow your visitors, here are 3 quality traits you should incorporate in your music blog:


Impeccable Taste



People come to your music blog, and keep coming back, because they know they’ll find great music. Your eye for talent and originality is tops among your friends. If the music isn’t right, or you are posting any and every band you come across, visitors abandon your site in droves, or worse, they won’t stick around in the first place. The challenge is to continually uncover the best stuff, and since your blog has been killing it for some time now, clearly it’s a challenge you’re up for. 


You’re the First




Not only do your loyal visitors find great music on your blog, but they don’t find it anywhere else, at least not before you’ve discovered it for them.  Any yahoo can post the latest Rhianna or Adele smash on their blog, thinking what a great way to attract music fans. And guess what? Music fans can find those and every other major artist in a billion places on the internet. There’s nothing original about posting hit music on a webpage. Real music fans want to discover the next exciting artist, and they are depending on your hard work and impeccable taste to post this music. And that’s what you deliver. 


Simple design



You use embedded SoundCloud or YouTube players for easy streamability. A small album cover pic, or a photo from a show, plus a short blurb or two highlighting your personal preference for the band is all you need.  Music fans want the convenience of streaming music straight from your blogso they can listen while checking out the pics and reading the blurbs. Forget reviews - you’re too busy for a 200-word essay that dissects the composition arrangements and snare drum percussion. You’re already on the hunt for the next artist worthy of posting on your awesome music blog.

Happy blogging, and thanks for all your hard work. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. How would the rest of us ever discover new, great music?