What you can Expect from using MusicSUBMIT to promote your music

MusicSUBMIT   April 20, 2017
What you can Expect from using MusicSUBMIT to promote your music



Okay, so you’re an artist who recently created a free MusicSUBMIT account. You may have uploaded your songs & pics, bio and your other music material.

But after creating your  Artist Account, you never could figure out what MusicSUBMIT does, or why you might try using our promo services. 

That’s quite okay. We’d like take a moment to tell you what you can expect from using MusicSUBMIT to promote your music. 

Our submission service specializes in getting your music to radio and blogs.

Sure, you can do this on your own, but - 

  • To start an effective promotion campaign, you need to get exposure from at least 10 radio stations or blogs. Getting on 1 station or blog, even if it’s Pitchfork, won’t give you enough traction and momentum you need.


  • Typical email blasts to new contacts (who don’t already know you) produce about a 0.1% response rate. That’s basically 1 response out of every 1,000 emails, and the results get worse the higher you go. Don’t waste your time on stuff like this, no matter how cheap it costs. 


  • One-to-One emails to new radio & blogs produce a 1.0% response rate. That’s 10X’s better than a mass email blast, but still only 1 in 100 contacts will respond. That’s a ton of work for minuscule results.


  • It takes around 3 minutes to send a custom email to each contact.
    • Searching for websites you want to contact
    • Finding the contact email (if you don’t already have one) 
    • Composing the email, subject line, and body/text 
    • Proofreading,  then clicking “Send”. 


  • After awhile you’ll start copying & pasting subject lines and some of the body text, so it won’t take you 3 minutes each to send an email.  But you’ll still need to look up every website and find emails, if the site provides one. Plan on about 3 hours of work to get out 100 emails. You can still only expect maybe 1 or 2 responses from that work. 




It will take you all of 10 minutes to put together your music press kit. We do the rest of the work. You’re only left to follow up with stations and blogs that contact you first.


When we submit your music to our network of radio and blog contacts, you’re guaranteed a 25-50% review rate. That means if we submit you to 100 radio stations & blogs in your genre, you’ll get at least 25 sites to open & listen to your music, and possibly up to 50 responses. 


Submissions cost $.50 -$1.00 apiece.  For 100 submissions, you’re looking at an even $75. That’s to get anywhere from 25 to 50 stations and blogs to listen to your music. 


To get the 10 stations or blogs to respond, the cost is $25.  Or, as we mentioned above, you can spend 10 hours of your time and hope for the best. 


Now isn’t your time worth more than $2.50 per hour?