3 New Features in MusicSUBMIT

MusicSUBMIT   August 2, 2017
3 New Features in MusicSUBMIT

This August we are rolling out 3 new features we believe will benefit both Artists and Reviewers. Our goal is to deliver Better Results for Artists, and allow Reviewers to Earn More Fees. We hope you enjoy the new features and as always we welcome your comments and suggestions. 

More Feedback 
We’ve polled Artists since the beginning of the year, and the overwhelming majority of musicians want feedback – whether it’s good or bad. So, beginning in August we will require Reviewers to provide some feedback for every Artist they listen to – no matter if they approve or reject the music. 

Faster Review Period 
Artists have told us that our 60-day review window is too long to wait for an answer. Reviewers have answered that they’d like all the time they can get to review new Artists. We’ve decided to split the difference. Our new Quick Review feature will shorten the window to 14 days for Reviewers to listen to music and collect fees. Artists will still remain in Reviewers’ queues for up to 60 days, so if a Reviewer really need 2 months to get to the submissions, they will have it. But to collect 50¢ per review, the Reviewer will need to review submissions within 14 days of submission. We think this will encourage Reviewers that love to receive submissions to review artists in their queues faster and ultimately result in more fees collected. 

Greater Transparency 
Since MusicSUBMIT started promoting Artists in 2005 we’ve always submitted music to genre-specific sites. We listen to every Artist and choose up to 3 genres for the music, then submit to matching radio stations and blogs in our database. An Artists would find out where there music was submitted after the submissions occurred. 

Beginning next month, we will provide Artists more transparency by posting Reviewer Profiles on our website. Artists can browse the Reviewer Profiles to find pertinent information regarding the Reviewer’s reviewing habits, listenership & subscribers, social media followers and other relevant information. Artists will be less in the dark regarding where there music will be submitted as well as get a better feel for Sites that receive artist submissions. 

It has always been our hope to make career-lasting connections between indie Artists that would like to be heard, and the Radio Station and Blogs that want to discover them. We’d like to thank all Artists and Reviewers that have stuck with us throughout our decade-plus journey of promoting indie music!