MusicSUBMIT   May 13, 2015

MusicSUBMIT LLC is Ten Years old this month!

Thanks to everyone in the music industry for all your support, including the music fans, friends, partners, bloggers, editors, DJs, publicists, record labels, managers, producers, promoters, publishers, and most especially, the ARTISTS!  Without all of you we never could have made it this far! was conceived a little over ten years ago by singer-songwriter Trevor Lyman as a way to promote his music. Snubbed by major FM stations and print magazines, Trevor scoured the internet looking for outlets for his songs. He found plenty of websites that claimed to review and play indie music, and so he emailed his mp3 files to these sites. The response was overwhelming. Soon he was doing the same for his musician friends. and before long, the concept turned into a fledgling enterprise. MusicSUBMIT was born.

In the past ten years it’s been an absolute pleasure working with so many talented artists, along with so many dedicated music ‘super-fans’ that create, operate and maintain all the music websites to which we submit music. As have many others in this crazy industry, we’ve seen music companies and ideas come and go (MySpace, emusic, Napster in its many subsequent forms). We’ve also witnessed many great new technological advances that have helped indie musicians get their music heard, and we are honored to be apart of it. We hope to continue helping indie artists in any way we can in the next 10 years!



Company Fast Facts & Milestones:

2003 - The website domain is secured in Miami, Florida by Trevor Lyman


March 2005 - current president Michael Corcoran joins fledging startup “musicSUBMIT”


May 2005 - incorporated, becomes MusicSUBMIT LLC


April 2007 - Moves to New York City to offices in Flatiron District on E. 23rd St.




2009 - Over 100,000 song placements on radio stations, blogs, webzines, podcasts, and music communities.


2011 - Reached $1Million Revenue since inception of company


October 2014 - Moves to current headquarters in Denver, Colorado!


  • Total MusicSUBMIT Artists in database   - 89,847 and counting!


  • MusicSUBMIT Client Artists, current and former - over 14,000


  • MusicSUBMIT Active Reviewers  - over 2,000


  • Total Database of Music Reviewers - over 35,000


Thanks to ALL!