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The College Radio DJ’s Dilemma

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Part III Submission Fee series - Should you Pay Venues or  Booking Agents to listen to your music?

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You Should Be Touring

Last month the CD Baby DIY Musician blog posted “Do traditional tours still make sense for independent artists” by guest blogger Jason Schellhardt. The blog post states that booking cross-country tours no longer makes sense for newer independent artists. Mr. Schellhardt suggests that since the advent of the Internet, touring is no longer the best way to build a fanbase - you can get more fans via the Internet and social-networking. If you do tour, he writes, you should go where your fans are by using “geo-specific data” gathered from social media. He ends with the disclaimer “every band is different and what works for some might not work for others.”... Read More »

How much does it REALLY cost to make a record?

Do these guys look hard at work recording an album? In 1972, the Rolling Stones released the album Exile on Main Street. The band began by recording songs in a studio in London, moved to the South of France to continue jamming and recording in a rented chalet, and finally completed the album in a studio in Los Angeles. The entire process, from conception to recording to mixing to release, consumed 3 years’ time and cost north $2M. Most critics consider Exile the Stones’ best record and one of the greatest rock records of all time. The fact that it cost as much as it did, and took 3 years to record it, was at the time completely written away and justified as “Hey, that’s rock-n-roll for ya”.... Read More »


Thanks to everyone in the music industry for all your support, including the music fans, friends, partners, bloggers, editors, DJs, publicists, record labels, managers, producers, promoters, publishers, and most especially, the ARTISTS! Without all of you we never could have made it this far!... Read More »

Submission Fee series Part I - Should Record Labels charge Artists a

Whether you’re an A&R executive at Universal Music Group or just a dude running a small label out of your bedroom, the process of scouting artists to sign is (and always has been) basically the same: You use all tools and methods in existence to find the best talent that fits with your label. In the pre-Internet days, these methods mostly consisted of good ol’ fashioned word-of-mouth and personal contacts. A&R’s would also scour the local clubs (mostly in New York and L.A.), read fanzines, and host band showcases and auditions. Bands would mail in press kits containing demos and one-sheets in hopes on getting discovered.... Read More »

Submission Fee series Part II  -  Should Radio Stations accept a

It goes without saying, all bands and musicians want to get their songs on the radio. There’s no point drumming up all the benefits of having your music broadcast to thousands of listeners with one spin on the radio. And of course radio stations want to find songs they think their audiences will want to hear. All this goes without saying (even though we just said it, twice).... Read More »