Reviewer Fee Share Program Rules & Regulations

You must be the owner or have permission from the owner of your organization to collect share-fees from MusicSUBMIT LLC.

You will be paid 50¢ per "review" of each band (APPROVE or REJECT).

A "review" counts as listening to streaming music for at least 15 seconds before Rejecting or Approving the artist. A "Maybe" review does not count towards a paid Review, but you can Approve or Reject at a later time (same 15-second minimum playtime applies).

No Pay-to-Play. You cannot solicit from artists extra fees for airplay, reviews or other premium services. If you'd like to solicit extra fees, you're welcome to use our system to review bands, but you can't participate in the Fee Share program.

You must stay in your Genre. No choosing wild genres to review with the anticipation you'll reject the artists. You can choose up to 5 genres – but they must be genres you would actually consider for your show/program/zine/blog.

You must do "Honest and Fair" reviewing. This is not a click-for-cash program. You should not approve 100% or reject 100% of the artists submitted to you. If you're being fair, you will probably have some balance of Approve vs. Rejects (we don't have an opinion as to what the Approve vs. Reject ratio should be – that's up to you).

You must stay on top of your New Folders queue. Review artists and click "Request Payment" as soon as you finish reviewing previous month's artists. Don't allow artists to pass thru without reviewing, or you may lose credit for previous reviews. (Our system will only count back 90 days of artists)

For artists you "approve", you may be called upon by MusicSUBMIT to provide proof or explain how your site is benefiting the artist's music (via airplay or rotation lists, charts, or links to posts).

You may not be eligible to participate in our Fee Share Program if your music site is primarily involved in any of the following music businesses, although we do make exceptions on occasion. However, you may still use our system to review artists:

   – Booking Agent
   – Artist Management
   – Record Label
   – Talent Show
   – Music Supervisors
   – Music Communities and Directories (where all artists are welcome)

Payments are processed via Paypal. You will be required to provide your Paypal email address. We will tally your totals from the 1st to the 31st, and make your payment after the 15th of the next month. If your balance is below $20, your payment will carry to the next month.

You must provide your phone number or Skype ID where we can reach you.

You will be required to EDIT your Acceptance Letter. We have provided a default template which you are required to personalize.

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