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U-Rock Network™

Linwood, Pennsylvania | United States
U-Rock Network™
Linwood, Pennsylvania, United States
Welcome to the coolest spot on the internet for New Music Discovery. The Urock Network™ in operation since 1999 brings you the best Rock and Roll playlist above any available Today. U-Rock™ Today is where we connect fan and affiliate that enjoy U-Rock Radio™. Weekly features, great bands, places to get down. The Urock Network™ provides you this unique access to a network of musicians and fans supporting rock and roll. The U-Rock Network™ is an unique network of music supporters that know great rock music. On the playlist of any of the U-Rock Affiliates you will find great rock overlooked and long forgotten by marketing fads!! On the U-Rock Network™ main feed located at you will hear the best of the best in regular rotation as well as Live programming from around the network.
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