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Lets Talk About The Music / LTATM Radio Network
Tacoma, Washington, United States
Let's Talk About The Music/ LTATMRadio is on two parts. First part: Let's Talk About The Music, a Humorous Controversial Talk Show with Global Mix of Music is on every Wednesday night at 8pm (PST)/ 11 pm (EST) only on Spreaker. This is an interact talk show where the listeners and past guest can come inside the chat room during the live show to ask questions and be part of the show. This is a talk show for all musicians to talk about what is important to them. LTATMRadio - as a Radio Station: Second part: Even though, the talk show is on Spreaker, we are play all Independent Musicians on our 24/7 Auto-play on LIVE365. We are also bring on new shows starting in Jan. 8th 2018. Go-to for more details.
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