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Chicago, Illinois | United States
Digital Tour Bus
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Digital Tour Bus is a blog that is all about touring musicians. We're best known for our Bus Invaders web series, which takes fans inside the touring vehicles of their favorite bands, our Gear Masters series, where band show off the gear they use onstage, and our Cooking at 65mph series, where bands cook you a dish in or around their tour vehicle. Yes, we know our feedback isn't always the greatest. We're just people who are obsessed with music and happen to have a large audience. Our passion is giving exposure to the music we love. We cover a variety of genres and artists, so don't be afraid to send us a submission. Although we are open to covering all genres, our coverage tends to lean towards the following genres: pop, rock, metal, punk, indie and alternative. On the other hand, we tend to cover hip-hop and electronic far less often, but will highlight a track from time-to-time from those genres. The guest blog segments that we make available to submissions we accept via MusicSubmit are: Crazy Tour Stories, Dream Tour, First Concert Ever, Preshow Rituals, Tour Pranks and Tour Tips. If the artist doesn't have tour experience, we still have a couple guest blog options that we can make available are: Dream Tour and Preshow Rituals. Song/video embeds are a part of each one of these features. You can go to to check out examples of all of our types of coverage!
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