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TACOMA, Washington | United States
TACOMA, Washington, United States
Welcome to the home of GE SHAW ENTERTAINMENT, where we talk social issues, media, and entertainment from around the globe...Since you are affiliated with Music Submit, we believe in giving every artist a chance to be heard, whether it is though their music, songwriting, spoken word or just advocating for social issues across the spectrum. As the owner and producer of GE SHAW ENTERTAINMENT, my vision is too allow everyone a voice in our social landscape, be it talk shows, music, or interviews, this is what we strive to accomplish here at GE SHAW ENTERTAINMENT... We host every week several artist throughout our network, promos, commercials, and ending outros to close out our shows. In addition, we feature a music mix every Friday evening; this is where we feature every artists music, we played throughout the previous week on Friday night. Furthermore, we are launching in the near future a artist (spotlight page) on all our social platforms, this is where we feature an artist separate from the other events that are happening throughout the week. ("You get top billing")! Everybody's music is submitted to such sites, as our own Mixlr Radio/ with GE SHAW_SIME, SIME TODAY/MIXLR, YouTube, Spreaker Radio, Music Cloud, Sound Cloud, Twitter, and many other such social platforms... The only thing you have to do is submit your (artist music kit) through our processing format and "WAIT" for our reply that's it...WE hope to hear from you soon... Author, Writer, Poet, Author, Social Advocate, & owner of Tacoma's own online Radio/Blog Magazine
Indie HipHop RandB Soul Gospel
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