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Steam Whistle Records
Chatham, Canada - English
Steam Whistle Records is owned and operated by Daniel Knight who has 35 years of experience in the music industry. After preforming, touring and recording over the years Daniel has preserved his love and association with music by continuing on the management side of the industry through Knighttime Management. With his connections to the music industry in Nashville and world wide, Daniel added Steam Whistle Records to his companies to assist in his promotion of new artists and their releases. Daniel arranges recordings of his artists through DareDevil Production in Nashville working with the most well known writers as well. High profile promoters are essential for any songs release and Daniel has all the contacts necessary. Artists Tanya Marie Harris and Steve Oriet have both charted with the proper promotion and Daniel looks forward to assisting the best of the new talents in making their dream come true.
Country Bluegrass Americana
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