Create Your Music Press Kit™

Begin your promotion by uploading you music, photos, videos, bio, press release, and social media links. Once you choose a submission package your music & bio will be submitted to a combination of internet-based music resources including radio stations, online music magazines & publications, blogs, and podcasts.


We Submit Your Music to Radio & Podcasts

The majority of radio stations we submit your music to are internet radio stations: the independent webcasters who are free to play anything they want! Owners of internet radio stations are the trendsetters and first-movers of the indie music world. These music enthusiasts are the perfect resources to reach with your music. They will play your music on the stations, and their audiences are the types of new fans you're looking for!


We Submit Your Music to Webzines & Blogs

Internet-based music webzines and traditional print-based music magazines with a web presence, in all genres. Online music magazines, sometimes called webzines or e-zines, are today's most comprehensive online publications that write about music.


Customized Reporting

You will receive detailed Campaign Reports, allowing you to track where your music has been accepted, view acceptance letters, number of downloads and share your results through social media. Your Campaign Report also provides you the ability to make notes and follow-up directly with Reviewers.


Maximize Exposure

The exposure you receive from FM radio, college and Internet stations, combined with blogs and 'zines, will lead to more fans converging on social media and your website, to your shows, merch and song/album sales, ultimately boosting your music career where it counts!



  • For only $14.95, you will be submitted to 12 stations & blogs in your genre every month for a guaranteed 50% review rate.
From $50
  • Target specific regions with your music, or submit to only college radio
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